Spendcoins were designed to be a digital currency that powers our ecosystem and used as a means of value transfer. That means SPND is the native currency of the decentralized open-source Cross Ledger blockchain that powers Spendcoin and Blockchain University. Spendcoins can be spent to local legal tender via the Spend Card and used to buy instant e-gift cards as well as access membership services with discounts on the Spend App.

You can use SPND on select Spendcoin Partner Platforms such as Spend App and Blockchain University. You may also use it externally as a digital currency for a variety of purposes

Spendcoin currently runs as an ERC20 token minted on the Ethereum Blockchain via a smart contract. Our smart contract has been audited and verified safe and secure to use on the Ethereum Network.

It is safe to say that the Ethereum Network is safe, stable, and secure. Prior to launching Spendcoin on Cross Ledger there will be a series of security audits performed as well.

Spendcoins are earned through Proof-of-Purchase which lets users mine/receive Spendcoins when making purchases through the Spend App. The amount users receive will vary based on their individuals purchases and up to 3% of the total purchase price.

Blockchain University is the main platform that will be powered by Cross Ledger and will be made available at www.bu.org.

SPND will be the native reward and base currency for the platform. Users whom post viable support content to the network will be rewarded in SPND and may use it throughout the platform for services that will be available through BU.

More information will be made available on BU.org

Spendcoins will have a multitude of function on the Spend App. You may use your SPND on the Spend App to order a Spend Card, Pay for transactional fees incurred by the Spend Card & Spend App, access to member services and promotions, reduction of fees, and you will have the ability to redeem your SPND for services offered within the Spend App through our partners.

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