Inflation Schedule

Spend Foundation has created a visual PDF break down of Spendcoins by clicking here.

Spendcoin’s Token Generation Event (TGE) was on September of 2018. Since December 2018, there was a 20% release of Spendcoins, out of 250,000,000 allocated, to founders and advisors of Spend Foundation. The next distribution is 20%. The Spend foundation agreed to change the 3 year plan to a 5 year plan of inflation so there will be a 20% inflation of this amount over the next 4 years.

There is a 1% monthly inflation allowance for Spend distribution out of 250,000,000 which amounts to a 2,500,000 SPND monthly distribution.

Spend Foundation’s 500,000,000 allocation has a inflation rate over 20 years that begins monthly on September 2019.

The Spend Team will make all reasonable efforts to use their allocation of the inflation via OTC and other avenues to also use limit and not market orders via market makers.

Below is Spend Foundation’s Spendcoin estimated unlock schedule for transparency purposes. This does not include any Spend Partnership, Spend Enterprise Alliance, or Spend Rewards distributions.

Current supply as of 3/14 – 56,934,448

Monthly Inflation of 2,500,000 is covered below:

4/1/2019 -2,500,000

5/1/2019 -2,500,000

6/1/2019 -2,500,000

7/1/2019 -2,500,000

8/1/2019 -2,500,000

Beginning September 2019 the Spend Foundation 20 year inflation begins, therefore, monthly inflation is now 4,583,333 as shown below:

9/1/2019 -4,583,333

Spend Founder & Advisor 20% unlock occurs and therefore  50,000,000 SPND is allocated into circulation as shown below:

10/1/2019 -54,583,333

11/1/2019 -4,583,333

12/1/2019 -45,583,333

1/1/2020 – 4,583,333

2/1/2020 -4,583,333

3/1/2020 -4,583,333

4/1/2020 – 4,583,333

Based on the information on our distribution plan since our launch we should technically have a circulating count of 67,500,000 (as of 3/1/2019). However, the team has only removed 6,434,448 out of the 17,500,000 that should be unlocked based on the schedule for the 1% inflation of Spend operation which is over 50% less than current supply.

Having these tokens in circulation doesn’t mean they will all be sent to exchanges. This is a misconception. Having these tokens unlocked means they will be available for movement. We will update this schedule every year.

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