Cross Ledger

Cross Ledger is a blockchain open-source decentralized protocol network that operates a hybrid delegated proof-of-stake consensus called Proof-of-Support. This blockchain will be the main network for Spendcoins and will power Blockchain University.

Cross Ledger is an open-source project so we work with collaborators all around the world. The primary developers of the network are the members over at Spend Foundation. We continue to grow our collaborators and core development team as time progresses.

Spendcoin will be the native currency running on Cross Ledger and subsequently Blockchain University.

Cross Ledger will manage, store, transfer, and send the data transmitted through Blockchain University so that it will be made publicly available worldwide. At its core, Cross Ledger is a fork from Steem. It is designed as a niche based ecosystem around education and Cross Ledger will allow a decentralized educational platform to be born.

Cross Ledger has a soft-launch date of October 2019.

You can learn more about Cross Ledger at

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